For bridal couples in Switzerland it is still usual to organize their wedding all by themselves or with the help of their bridesmaids and best men. Nevertheless, the situation in the last few years changed a lot – nowadays, many bridal couples do not want to get married in a church. They prefer other locations or sites instead. Weddings at special locations like castles, mansions or even mountain lodges as well as open-air ceremonies have become very popular. These weddings are not that easy to organize and therefore more and more couples seek advice.

Switzerland is a country with strict regulations - also concerning weddings. Therefore, it makes sense to consult somebody who knows in detail what is possible or not – a VUSH wedding planner. Are you dreaming of a wedding in Switzerland? We have so much to offer: Beautiful mountains, picturesque lakes, gentle hills of green with the characteristic cows and even palm trees and other Mediterranean plants. Just contact us at vorstand@vush.ch. It is our concern to make your dream come true and to connect you with a VUSH wedding planner familiar with the region you want to get married.